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Our CFM Weekly market is on Wednesdays 2.30pm - 5.30pm


How to apply

The mission of the Castlemaine Farmers market is to promote a positive profile for food, wine and related products in the region and to encourage and support the economic viability of small scale farmers and producers.

Sunday Monthly Market Application Form

Fill out our application form and email to cfm@castlemainefarmersmarket.org 

or post to Castlemaine Farmers Market
PO Box 912 Castlemaine 3450


Please complete and send the application form, then email
your insurance details (insurance provider, policy number, public liability away from production site, expiry date) and other documents (eg proof of certification), to cfm@castlemainefarmersmarket.org.




Your application will be more favourably considered if you are VFMA accredited or are in the process of VFMA accreditation. For more information on VFMA accreditation, go to www.vicfarmersmarkets.org.au.

All food stalls are required to register for a streatrader permit to operate at CFM. This permit is free and can be obtained online at www.streatrader.health.vic.gov.au. If your business is already registered on streatrader you will simply need to add CFM as a new trading location.

Thank you for your application!. If you have any questions, you can email the market manager cfm@castlemainefarmersmarket.org or call 0490 366 243.


Structure of Market

The Market is organised as a community based incorporated association that operates according to the Model Rules of the Incorporation Act. A management committee represents community, stakeholders, farmers and producers.


The Castlemaine Farmers Market is a not for profit enterprise. Stallholder fees and other funds are used for the management, promotion and maintenance of the market.


Objectives of the market are to:

1. Provide a venue for farmers and producers to sell their own product direct to the public.


Produce should be sold by the person, family member or employee who is directly involved in the growing or making of the product. Pursuant to VFMA Membership and accreditation rules resellers are not permitted to be vendors.



We prioritise traders who sell food and beverages produced in the Central Victoria region. The boundaries are flexible to a degree but the region in general is regarded as bounded by Bendigo, Heathcote, Kyneton, Creswick and Avoca with a focus on Mt Alexander Shire.


The marker endeavours to limit goods sold at the market primarily to primary produce (including small livestock), fresh food and value added and processed edible produce.


Exceptions to this list are potted herbs, food bearing plants, flowers, compost and natural fertilizers. Derivatives from herbs and livestock such as essential oils may be sold at the discretion of the committee.


Value-added products such as cheese, jams, chutneys and so on must be manufactured in Victoria and preference will be given to stallholders who grow their own ingredients.


Produce from original stock that is not able to be grown locally, for example, tea and coffee, must be value-added in Victoria.


We promote quality, purity and freshness for all produce with particular emphasis on organic farming methods. Labeling of organic produce should be in accordance with industry and VFMA guidelines and the origins of all produce should be clearly communicated. Certification of organic status must be displayed on your stall.


We support Increased understanding between the consumer and producer through stall holders interaction and discussion with their customers.


We promote the use of environmentally sensitive practices, including the use of recycled and cloth bags.


We encourage the consumption of nutritional foods through the diversity of produce available.


You are asked to clealry display the price of all produce. Prices should represent ‘good value’ in the general market place (which shoppers will use as their benchmark).


You are required to follow best practice in food handling. Under the Food Act 1984 a state-wide, single registration enables food stalls, mobile food premises and food vending machines to operate anywhere in Victoria. These food businesses must be registered (as a food stall, mobile food premises or vending machine) in the municipality in which they are based (or garaged). Class 4 food business which are exempt from registration are still required to notify councils of their intent to trade contact 03 5471 1769. More information here.


Anyone selling alcoholic beverages must obtain the appropriate license from Liquor Licensing Victoria at the stallholder's expense. Information on liquor licenses may be found at www.liquor.vic.gov.au.


Together we will create an inviting and relaxed ambience to make the Farmers Market a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

Market day and hours

Castlemaine Farmers Market (CFM) will be held on the first Sunday of each month during the year, except January, whatever the weather.


The market operates on the Western Reserve, Forest St Castlemaine


Single stall sites have a three-meter frontage and are suitable for a trestle table and shelter.


The CFM market manager will direct you to your site. If you are selling from a refrigerated van or trailer, please note this on your application form and we will accommodate your needs.

Site access

Access to the site is between 7.00 am and 8:45am. No vehicle movement will be allowed between 8.45 am and 1.00 pm. 

Site presentation

The presentation of your site is your responsibility and its appeal will have an impact on your sales. When or if you sell out, please do not pack up your stall and leave a hole in the market. Write a ‘sold out, see you next time’ or similar note for disappointed customers.

Site fees

The fee per site is $45. This fee include a $3 VFMA levy. Double stalls may be available on application. Fees are to be paid in advance on receipt of invoice in adavnce of the market day. 


Weather contingency

Stallholders should provide their own weatherproof covering or shade depending on the season. If you have a gazebo or tent, you must have weights to anchor it down in gusty winds.


A very limited number of powered sites are available. If you need to cook produce, you should bring your own gas-cooking equipment but you must still make arrangements with us so we can assess safety and space requirements. All power leads are to be regularly tested and tagged.


Stallholders are expected to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity and to conduct themselves in a courteous, business-like way.


If there is a dispute or stallholders are unclear about the Castlemaine Market criteria, stallholder information and operational guidelines or site issues, the Castlemaine Farmers Market committee will make a determination. Day-to-day issues will be resolved by the CFM Manager who will assure compliance by delivering fair warning for alleged infringements either verbally or if necessary, in writing. If the dispute is not resolved, the CFM Manager may recommend permanent removal of the stallholder’s booking.


Stallholders must have their own product, business and/or personal liability insurance to a minimum value of $10million. A copy of this is to be submitted with your application.


Are not permitted at a stall selling food.


The CFM committee of management to make final decisions on the number, variety, rent and location of stalls. The committee also reserves the right to withdraw invitation to any stallholder who does not comply with the stated objectives or causes unnecessary conflict within the market.

Application Form

Fill out our application form and email to cfm@castlemainefarmersmarket.org 

or post to Castlemaine Farmers Market
PO Box 912 Castlemaine 3450

Application for the Weekly market

Castlemaine Farmers’ Market has added a weekly market! It's on every Wednesday from 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm (during daylight saving) and 2:30pm to 5:00pm (non-daylight saving), on the Western Reserve, Forest Street, Castlemaine.

Applications are sought from local producers now! Please fill out the form below if you are a producer interested in hearing more about our weekly market.

Do not pay any stall fees until your application has been approved by the CFM Committee. The Market Manager will lead all correspondence regarding applications. PLease call Chris on 0455 332 692 if you'd like an initial discussion.

Our goal as a market is to prioritise regenerative practices (eg. Holistic Management, ‘pasture raised’, organic, biodynamic, etc), as well as producers from within Mt Alexander Shire; however, this is not a barrier to participation - all applications will be considered.
We would also like to keep the cost of a stall low in order to provide opportunities for very small-scale producers to access the market. In order to achieve this, we would like to take a collaborative approach where stall holders may have to take on extra responsibility (e.g. a spot on the ‘market manager roster’).

If you are interested in having a stall at the Weekly Castlemaine Farmers’ Market, please download an application form.


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