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Azzurri Cheese

Authentic artisan cheese made the Italian way. The incredible range includes burrata, stracchiatella, scamorza, provoletta, caciotta and caciocavallo.


Avonmore Estate

Biodynamic vinyard and winery run by Rob and Pauline Bryans at Avonmore near Elmore, just north of Bendigo. Grown under environmentally friendly, eco-safe methods which activate and nurture both the soil and the vines, the wines also benefit from having no chemical additives used, such as synthetic pesticides, fungicides, weedicides and fertilizers.


Bacchus Marsh Seedling Farm

Lots of forestry and reveg seedlings, plus a large range of potted native and water wise garden plants.

Ballarat Mushrooms

Fresh and marinated mushrooms; mushroom growing kits and mushroom compost (your garden will thank you!). Seriously good field mushrooms, Swiss browns, button mushrooms and more, grown in Ballarat by Monique and Tanya Lunn.

Barfold Olives

George, Pam and Jason Brajevic grow a wide range of olives on their property in Barfold, Victoria. Barfold Olives is committed to the continual improvement of growing and producing with pride, quality olive oils and olive products while respecting the land and practicing environmentally sustainable farming with minimal use of chemicals.


Bellarine Smoked Fish Co

An award winning smokehouse, the Bellarine smoked fish range includes Tasmanian salmon, Victorian trout,  wild-caught barramundi and gemfish and smoked salmon or gemfish pâté.

Black Estate Vinyards

Black Estate Vineyard is a small, family owned business at Axe Creek, in the Bendigo region. The Black family's goal is to produce quality wines which reflect the highly concentrated and full-bodied characteristics of the region, and indeed that is what they do.

Bundarra Berkshires

Happy pigs make yummy pork. And judging by the flavour of Lauren & Lachlan Mathers' handcrafted smallgoods and charcuterie made on their farm in Barham, these free ranging, grass fed, English heritage Berkshire pigs are very, very happy.

Burrum Biodynamics

In the small farming community of Marnoo in North West Victoria, Australia farmers Stephen and Tania Walter are taking clean, green organic farming to a whole new level. They’re enriching and nurturing the earth with the bio-dynamic farming approach; producing nutrient filled lentils, peas, barley, spelt and oats of premium quality. 

Camboer Goat Meat

Ian & Ruth Turpin have been breeding goats in Echuca since 2000. Lean but tender, their goat meat is seriously delicious - and good for you to boot. Choose from melt-in-your-mouth chops, cutlets and roasts to tasty sausages and innovative smallgoods.

Cheryl's Chook Heaven

Happy and healthy heritage breed chickens, cross breeds and some commercial layers. Ducks, too! Bred at Cheryl's Chook Heaven in Maldon.

Coliban Valley Wines

From its earliest days Greg and Helen Miles' vineyard in Metcalfe produced outstanding wines, winning several trophies and a 5-star rating from James Halliday. The wines are entirely estate grown, produced and bottled using traditional methods - hand picked, hand plunged, basket pressed and aged for 12 months in predominantly French oak.

CWA Castlemaine

The Castlemaine branch of the Country Womens Association sells delicious, home made cakes, biscuits, jams, preserves and much more. Try to resist their spread if you can! (You can't.)

Day's Walk Farm

Seasonal vegetables from a Keilor market garden: a beautifully fresh range of tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, beans, capsicum, chillies, pumpkin, herbs, beetroot, radish, okra and more as the seasons change.

Delicious Delicacies

A range of over a dozen different incredible chocolate truffles, made in Castlemaine by Christine Hinrichsen. It's a party in your mouth.

Dhaba Van

In India, Dhabas line the roadsides, serving fresh curries to the common man and woman. Their simple and honest authenticity is the the aim of Kyneton's Dhaba. The menu is small so that it can be as fresh and local as possible ... the beef comes from Bendigo, the lamb from Kyneton and the chicken is always free-range.

DMC Honey

Delicious honey and honeycomb from around Harcourt, Castlemaine, Maldon and other parts of Victoria. Golden goodness from clever bees.

Dolphin Brewery

Real beer drinkers rejoice! Wayne and Penny Burtt brew traditional real ales in Daylesford. Full flavoured, these highly quaffable ales are based on British and early colonial Australian styles, with the motto "traditional but quirky". The best ingredients make beers of the highest quality, and so those are the ones they use. 

Dutch Cookies

Robyn Mensch makes Dutch baked goods, including syrup waffles (stroopwafels) and cinnamon macarons, along with steaming, fragrant Chai. Treat yourself!

Fancy Chooks

Live heirloom poultry from Graeme Elshaug. Chickens, ducks, quail, songbirds and more.

For the Love of Lamb

Grass fed, naturally grown, Australian White Lamb. Based 85 km north of Melbourne, in amongst the granitic boulders of Nulla Vale, Mikoni Park produces some of the best lamb you’ll ever eat. Farmer Toni Barton has also developed the most stunning product: LamBacon™. That's right: lamb belly, made into bacon.

Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese

In their small cheesery in Ballarat, Nardia and Andrew Keene produce a range of handmade French style white mould cheeses and fromage blanc, together with English inspired blue mould and Cheddar cheeses. Thinking global but acting local is the Goldfields Farmhouse ideology, so internationally inspired cheeses are given Central Victorian Goldfields inspired names. 

Gorgeous George Probiotics

A responsible producer of delicious food utilising fresh, local, certified organic ingredients. Try some tasty krauts, kombuchas, cider vinegar tonics and dips for your gut health and tastebud happiness.


Gough's Range Olives

Gorgeous extra virgin olive oils, infused oils and table olives. Grown at Welshman's Reef by Julie and Duncan.


Harmony Garlic

Grown by Helen and Brian in Gordon, gorgeous organically grown garlic and a wide range of preserved garlic products, like smoked garlic, pickled garlic, dehydrated garlic, garlic salt and flavoured garlic, so you can have beautiful garlic all year round.

Hey Presto Espresso

Get your fresh coffee fix here, served up by master Baristas Nigel and Rebecca. The coffee is so good that you might miss that they serve other beverages like tea, hot chocolate and cold drinks as well.

Mount Alexander Fruit Gardens

Outstandingly tasty fruit, grown organically in Harcourt by award-winning orchardists, Katie and Hugh Finlay. Enjoy varieties of apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums that you probably haven't tasted since childhood, if ever before. Available in three grades - premium (unblemished), firsts (minor blemishes) and seconds (suitable for cooking).

Nuggetty Garlic

Just amazingly good garlic. No more, no less. Sold only in season, this flavorful garlic is worth the wait.

Icecream Social

Icecream Social make small batch icecream, gelato and sorbet from fresh local ingredients in the Goldfields of Victoria, including fruit from local orchards.Made from scratch and with love, this is incredible icecream.

Surtierra Alpacas

A boutique Central Victorian stud, with white suri and huacaya alpacas, coloured alpacas ranging from fawn to brown to black, all on the outskirts of Castlemaine. Experience the exciting investment and lifestyle opportunity that Surtierra can offer.


Woody's Apples

Crisp and delicious apples grown in Harcourt, including Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Fuji, Sundowner, Red Delicious and Granny Smith Apples. Plus a beautifully dry apple cider you'll want more of once you've tasted it.



Hi-Fye Pistachios

No less than 28 varieties of pistachio are grown at Fye Wan's Wedderburn orchard. Take a taste test and discover the range of flavours to be enjoyed!

Hilander Nursery

Fruit trees, large and small, grown and grafted in Redbank Victoria by Kingsley Joyce. Create your own orchard with your favourite varieties of figs, feijoas, cherries, citrus, apples, pears and stone fruit.

Holy Goat Cheese

Carla & Anne-Marie make the best goat cheese you're ever likely to taste in Australia, just down the road on their certified organic farm in Sutton Grange. Fresh cheese, mature white mould and mature yeast rind cheeses are all made using milk from their own herd of goats. The goats are fed organic feed and free range over approximately 200 acres.

Ilinka Country Delights

Home cooked traditional style burek, baklava, doughnuts, scones and muffins. Freshly baked by Ilinka in Clarkefield, these goodies will fuel you as you shop the market.

Kangaroo Hills Organic Farm

Greg & Marg May make wine and grow vegetables at their certified organic, fourth generation family farm in Blampied. Managed using sustainable farming practices, the farm has been certified organic since 1989.

Kookaberry Berry Farm

Fresh or frozen strawberries, blackberries, boysenberries, logan berries and raspberries, and of course jams from the berry farm in Wandin.Full of flavour and completely delicious.

Kyirong Emus

Gentle skin care with the extraordinary properties of emu oil, traditionally used in indigenous remedies and shown in studies to have numerous benefits. Deeply penetrating, emu oil is anti-inflammatory and has high concentrations of vitamins A and E.

Langdale Orchards

Gavin Lang is the 6th generation to grow fruit on the same patch of soil in the Harcourt Valley. The Harcourt Valley is renowned for its ability to produce Apples that just taste better than those grown elsewhere.

Noggerath & Wilson Proteas

Beautiful, sculptural, stunning proteas and other cut flowers.

Nut Fusion

Nut pastes, dukkahs and fragrant chai made by Wayne Hollis of Castlemaine. Honest, unique and natural nut based products blended with a mix of real fruit and spices.

O'Callaghan's Irish Fruit Cake

O'Callaghan's Irish Fruit Cake is a delicately handcrafted cake laden with dried fruits from the Sunraysia district, Beechworth honey and a hint of Irish whisky. Baked for your enjoyment, these distinctively flavoured cakes are moist and subtlely textured.

Olive Branch Preserves

Produced in Maldon by Amanda Worth from recipes developed by original owners Laima and Ron Paine, and prepared with natural and mainly locally-sourced ingredients, these traditional jams, chutneys and sauces are the stuff of local legend.


Peddling Pastry

Peddling Pastry of Castlemaine is committed to peddling pastries, cakes, nougat, biscuits and chocolates with passion and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients and local seasonal produce to create quality products consistently. Products are naturally artificial flavours and preservatives free.

MaLETS Produce Exchange

Run by the Mount Alexander Local Exchange Trading System (LETS), this stall has anything and everything to exchange for your seasonal gluts of fruit, veggies or any other tradable.

Red Beard Bakery

Baked in Trentham's historic woodfired Scotch oven, these authentic sourdough breads are leavened with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria and made with the finest local ingredients. This is bread worthy of the name.

Sandor's Harvest

Sandor Istrella grows and harvests certified organic fruit and vegetables and organically grown potatoes and funghi. 

Spring Creek Organics

A wide variety of certified organic seasonal vegetables, super fresh and grown by Lisa and David Tatman at their family farm in Navigators.

Tarago Valley Organic Dairy

A certified organic dairy farm in West Gippsland, producing extremely good yoghurt, quark, haloumi, kefir, ricotta and more.

Taste of the Orient

Joe Lam's scrumptious Yum Cha offerings such as assorted steamed and fried free-range dim sims, the well-known steamed buns, tiger prawn dumplings, spring rolls, and a range of gluten free items - all using fresh free range meats and organic ingredients.

The Good Life Farm Co.

Premium paddock eggs laid with love by healthy, free range chickens at a family run, ethical farm in Kyneton. This is as good as eggs get!

Tricalog Goat Milk Products

Beautiful scented and unscented goat milk soaps and skin care. Made simply with no nasties, the scented range uses essential oils, while the unscented is as pure as soap can be. Treat your skin!


Verde Providores

Hailing from Daylesford, Kylie Himmerman makes dips, soups, aiolis, salts and salad dressings, with local, fresh and seasonally foraged produce. Grab a hot soup in winter!

Warialda Belted Galloway Beef

Rare breed beef, 100% grass fed and dry aged. Allen and Lizette Snaith breed Belted Galloway cattle in Clonbinane, Victoria using quality stud genetics. The Snaith family believes in a paddock-to-plate approach to cattle breeding, and their beef is highly sought after in Australian restaurants.


A & B Trees

Native trees, shrubs and groundcover, as well as vegetable seedlings, all suitable for Central Victorian conditions. Lovingly raised in Heathcote by Liz Spillane and Bill Featherstone.

Bernie's Fresh Spuds

Freshly dug ptotatoes from the renowned potato growing soils of Trentham. Varieties on offer are Nicola, Pink Pontiacs and Dutch Creams.

Boonderoo Walnuts

Fresh, sweet walnuts grown in Redesdale by Hilary and Mark Jankelson, these are the sweetest nuts! Try them fresh (in or out of the shell), dry roasted or in their hand crafted Walnut & Date Roulade.

MKD Services

Fresh lettuces and herbs, grown hydroponically with organic nutrients and no chemical sprays in Diggers Rest by Dragi Blazevski. Includes green and red oakleaf lettuce, basil, coriander, dandelion, mint, parsley, sage, sorrel and thyme. When in season, other vegetables include cabbage, endive, kale, mizuna, silverbeet and spinach.


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